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Elasticsearch ships with a wide range of built-in analyzers, which can be used in any index without further configuration:

  • Standard Analyzer

  • The standard analyzer divides text into terms on word boundaries, as defined by the Unicode Text Segmentation algorithm. It removes most punctuation, lowercases terms, and supports removing stop words.

  • Simple Analyzer

  • The simple analyzer divides text into terms whenever it encounters a character which is not a letter. It lowercases all terms.

  • Whitespace Analyzer

  • The whitespace analyzer divides text into terms whenever it encounters any whitespace character. It does not lowercase terms.

  • Stop Analyzer

  • The stop analyzer is like the simple analyzer, but also supports removal of stop words.

  • Keyword Analyzer

  • The keyword analyzer is a “noop” analyzer that accepts whatever text it is given and outputs the exact same text as a single term.

  • Pattern Analyzer

  • The pattern analyzer uses a regular expression to split the text into terms. It supports lower-casing and stop words.

  • Language Analyzers

  • Elasticsearch provides many language-specific analyzers like english or french.

  • Fingerprint Analyzer

  • The fingerprint analyzer is a specialist analyzer which creates a fingerprint which can be used for duplicate detection.

Custom analyzersedit

If you do not find an analyzer suitable for your needs, you can create a custom analyzer which combines the appropriate character filterstokenizer, and token filters.


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